Our partners get pragmatic advice and real-world solutions


Development services

Through our development services we offer stress-free flexibility in development power. Scale up your development force and kickstart your next product.



Through our expert advice, we help our partners reach their goals with minimal effort. Streamline your development cycle starting with a free consultation.


Training courses

By using the best tool for the job, your team will work at maximum efficiency. We offer courses on a variety of technologies and methodologies, contact us for a full list of our courses.

Research and Development

Research & Development

Often starting with a feasibility study, we have created working prototypes of next-generation products. Get started on your next product and stay ahead of the competition.

What we do

We consider ourselves a catalyst, as our partners rely on us to empower them in tuning and realising their product vision and roadmap. Our consultancy services include the analisys of the product requirements, definition of the short- and long-term roadmap, and the definition and implementation of a MVP (minimum viable product). Our partners can also make use of our development services to quickly scale up their development force with experienced engineers, if so required.

By bootstrapping non-core elements of the product, a quick prototype and MVP can be produced. We take pride in our pragmatic approach to product development, which focusses on early beta releases and product testing with launching customers. Through this approach we minimize up-front investments and maintain short feedback loops, minimizing risk and maximizing results. Through a similarly pragmatic approach in our R&D projects, our partners can rely on a solid return on investment.

Going further than regular consultancy companies, we help our clients set up shop. In past projects we have assisted in the recruitment processes, assisted with investor relations and due dilligence, helped aquire government support (in the form of WBSO funding), and much more.

In line with our vision of using the right tool for the job, we also give training courses on various subjects such as git, NoSQL, agile project management, and continuous integration. Our courses are aimed at improving developer efficiency and increasing the product delivery rate.

Samples of our work