Increasing the monetary value of games

iQU is the global games marketing partner empowering game developers by driving effective player acquisition, increasing recoup and optimising their marketing funnel. iQU understands gamer behaviour and has access to large, relevant audiences through partnerships worldwide. iQU has a history in game marketing for HTML and Flash games and set to expand to (cross-platform) mobile games.

Squarewolf offered its consultation and development services in researching and implementing the modifications required to integrate mobile games into the existing platform. The ultimate goal was to achieve a seamless client-side integration. Through an intensive collaboration with the iQU development team and a set of launching customers, we designed and developed a native, client-side library. This library integrated seamlessly with the existing iQU platform, requiring no changes to the platform itself.

Within six months, customers could be integrated and the launching customers were running successful campaigns. New games could be integrated in less then a day, using a well documented library for iOS and Android. Through this library customers could easily integrate their apps into the iQU platform. Furthermore, we exceeded expectations by supplying an additional (optional) integration feature for game publishers, allowing iQU to monetize their apps with in-app adds for games promoted with the iQU platform.

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