Appcident makes your work one stapp safer

With Appcident, a tick on the list, a brief description, date & time, automatic positioning and possibly a picture are sufficient to record defects, breakdowns, unsafe situations, etc. in the work environment and to submit this in the form of a report to an e-mail address, all through an intuitive mobile app.

Appcident was kickstarted by AVAQ Groep through the on-going use of our consultation and development services. Squarewolf offered consultation in the definition of the product requirements, the minimum viable product, and the product roadmap. Our development services were used to realise the minimum viable product, using an agile approach to allow for constant refinement of the product.

Currently squarewolf helps maintain the product roadmap and works to continuously improve the existing product. Through our close collaboration with AVAQ Groep and mutual trust, Appcident has grown from a concept to a launched product with an active user base in less than a year.

Appcident is available on iOS and Android. Visit the Appcident website for more information.

Services rendered

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  • Consultancy Consultancy
  • Development Development
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