We go the extra mile to help our partners reach their goals

Founded in 2011 in Groningen, the city of talent, squarewolf began as a software development studio. We quickly grew into a consultancy firm, as our clients requested our involvement and advice in an increasingly earlier stage of innovation and product development. Through this change we have grown into a strategic partner for launching startups, companies aiming to launch new products, and organisations looking to increase their development efficiency.

We take great pride in being a small, independent firm. This allows us to be flexible, knowing from experience that launching a product is not a 9-to-5 job. Our strength lies in a network of passionate freelancers that can work in dynamic environments, have earned their spurs, and are looking to be challenged.

Our vision

Information technology is an extremely wide industry, integrated deep into our society. Due to this growing integration, there is an increasing demand for highly specialized software solutions. Creating these modern software solutions requires in-depth knowledge of the related industry as well as extensive knowledge of the underlying technology. As a result, entrepreneurs are expected to invest in IT knowledge, distracting them from their core business.

The decision on the technology stack that powers a product is non-trivial and requires extensive knowledge of IT. The choice in development languages, platforms, and libraries is enormous and using the right tool for the job is not as easy as it might sound. Furthermore, the implications of these decisions are extensive and can either make or break a product. Unfortunately, most startups do not have the the resources needed to invest in researching the best long-term solution. This causes some startups to crumble under their own success when they run into scalability issues and unforeseen technical difficulties, which often could have been easily prevented if the correct tools would have been used.

We believe that technical issues should not hinder the rise of a company and have set ourselves the goal to guide our partners to the optimal technical solution. Carefully weighing the costs and results on both short and long term, technology becomes one of the driving forces behind our partners.

In this golden age of information technology, the future lies in cooperation between specialists. Building mutual trust, both parties are able to focus on their own industry and exchange knowledge, expertise, and experience. The resulting expertise grants both partners access to a market they would not be able to penetrate otherwise. With this in mind, squarewolf focuses on investing in long-lasting partnerships aiming to assist our partners through expert advice, close collaboration, and reliability.

Samples of our work